Continual Energy Inc.

Building Energy Solutions



    Continual specialses in the analysis, design, implementation and control of various building energy solutions.

    An acclaimed leader in the US and Canada, Continual currently leads the field in the area of cooling plant energy simulation and optimization.

    Project track record includes: mission critical and complex operations of Commercial Buildings, Process Manufacturing, Data Centers, District Cooling Plants, Research Facilities, Medical, Educational and Federal/State Government Agencies, among others. With many award-winning project under Continual's belt.

Flagship Products continual_logo

    The three flagship products are:

    1. ExSOP – Exhaustive Search Optimization Program

    Providing optimal HVAC system performance and control through the use of an exhaustive search algorithm, identifying the combination of setpoints, equipment sequences and conditioned-space parameters that result in the lowest energy input and/or lowest instantaneous cost of production.

    2. MBCx – Monitoring-Based Commissioning

    Proactively discover the missing pieces that impact building operations. Enabling the continual identification of preventative measures to ensure and sustain peak building performance.

    3. Continual Box – an Energy Monitoring & Analytical

    A Monitoring Utility with Great Visualisation Platform capable of connecting with almost all SCADA Systems, databases, historian databases, devices, operating systems, protocols, technologies, services & application from the Atrius Solution Builder.