Lifecycle Asset Management Software


Glider Technology - Developer of GliderBIM

  1. In 2011, the UK government embraced the use of BIM Level 2 on all centrally procured government projects by 4th April 2016, this resulted in many design companies facing challenges in the developing BIM market in the UK.

  2. The developer of GliderBIM saw the gaps and hence the software was born in 2016

  3. The product was quickly received recognized by the industry:
    • The Winner of Construction Awards 2017 - Innovation of the Year
    • CM Award Finalist 2018

GliderBIM - Meeting the Challenges in BIM

Challenges in the faced by the industry:

  1. A distinct lack of comprehensive software solutions for managing the production and delivery of Asset Information Models and associated asset data

  2. Many project team facing difficulty to meet Level 2 BIM criteria:
    • To manage the production of accurate, detailed models containing huge amount of technical information from many different sources.
    • This information must be collected in a standardised, structured format then verified and approved before each required data exchange.
    • Managing this process can be challenging and costly

  3. Challenges faced by the industry today to move from Level 2 to Level 3 BIM
    • to make the exchange of data faster and more efficient
    • simplify the process by including geometry and data in the same data package
    • data exchange be made on the web across the world, in any language

Features of GliderBIM at a glance

  1. OpenBIM by Design

  2. Asset Information Requirements

  3. Automated Data Verification

  4. Capture and Enrich Asset Data/O&M Information Online

  5. Progress Reporting

  6. 3D Model Visualisation

  7. Export of Models, Data & Documents

  8. Web Services API

  9. Cloud based